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Here's what people are saying about Hide-A-Ride.

"Hide-A-Ride is exactly what I was looking for! I have limited space where I live and in my garage. With my car and other stuff it leaves little to no room for anything else. Hide-A-Ride is perfect for my road bike because you can store it flat against the ceiling. Easy to place my bike on the device, and to use overall. Feels great to have extra space back in my garage and not have to keep the bike in the living room!"

Kelly V.


Our garage is back! I bought 2 Hide-A-Rides for me & my husband's bikes. The bikes were parked up against a wall which made parking our 2 cars in the garage very difficult. Frank was able to install both units within an hour & now we have our garage back :) The bikes are super easy to get on/off the rack, and with a little practice, easy breezey to raise to the ceiling! Thank u!!!

Nichelina P.


I am so happy with the Hide-A-Ride! We used to have a few bikes hanging vertically from hooks up on a wall of our garage. We were always bumping into them with our head or shoulders while trying to load our cars. The Hide-A-Ride has moved the bike out of the way so we have more free floor space in our garage. My husband seems to like how it works and I'm happy for the extra space. I just wish it came in pink

Lindsay R.


Hide A Ride has given me my floor space back in my garage! I can now walk clear across from one end to the other and get things done again on my tool bench. Three bikes out of the way and never to be knocked over again. Easy installation, easy to use and the easiest way to get your floor space back. And the safest way to store your bikes to keep them in new condition. I love it! Thanks Hide A Ride!

Randy A.

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