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    The kinematic bike rack first was built to remove my roommate's bicycles from our hallway.  The bike needed to be stored indoors as it can get quite cold and snowy during a Wisconsin winter. The Hide-A-Ride enabled easily accessible storage while freeing up critical floor space in the hallway.

    Finding a convenient, out of the way place to store your bike indoors has always been a challenge.  Storing bicycles on the floor indoors or in a garage, can take up a surprising amount of space, block thoroughfares, and increases the likelihood of damage to your bicycle.  HAR solves this problem with a unique bike rack design that uses advanced kinematics to store bicycles parallel to the ceiling.

    Ideal for storing bicycles in tight spaces, or where floor space is a premium, Hide-A-Ride requires no more space than the width of your hallway.  The advanced kinematics allow for bicycles to rotate and be raised in a single easy motion.  The single phase damper slows the descent of the bicycle when lowering to ensure safety, and a steel bike lock loop allows for secure storage.  Hide-A-Ride’s unique space saving design allows for you to reclaim your floor space while keeping your bicycle safe and out of the way.

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